Advisor Value

Understanding how your advisor works for you.

Choosing to be our partner should be the easiest financial decision you will make. Our team is trained to manage money, but what sets us apart is our ability to listen and develop non-generic solutions to protect your hard-earned money now, and in the future. To us, being your partner is more than just processing transactions.

We  provide a robust and complete set of services:

  • Asset Allocation - recognizing the value of what and how to diversify in order to optimize results.

  • Client Education - providing information on products, markets and the economy.

  • Market Research / Knowledge - current and projections of market behavior.

  • Tax Planning Discussions - pertaining to investment funds, taxable or non-taxable.

  • Advisory Team Discussions - discussions with other professionals to align financial goals and direction.

  • Due Diligence on Solutions - dedicated to compliance and legitimacy of all options.

  • Financial Planning - establishing a timeline for retirement and estate planning.

  • Manage Distributions - understanding tax consequences, re-investment strategies or fixed investment plans.

  • Strategy Coaching - establishing a long-term strategy and recognizing the actions that support or hinder that strategy.

  • Portfolio Re-balancing - recognizing the importance of making necessary and relevant adjustments as life and market changes take affect.